Free Slime Stock FX PACK

A new Video Copilot show has splash-landed! We showed an early version of the SHOW at VC LIVE in January so we are excited to show it to the world! We made a mess so you don’t have to! Just download the FREE stock footage collection and use in your own projects!



Watch on Youtube in HD

25 High Quality 2K+ Prores: USE After Effects or Premiere to preview!
Note: Most video players on PC do not support pro res.

In other exciting news, early this year I helped create a big project for THX and even though it was extremely challenging work (especially trying to finish development on new plug-ins) But the chance to learn Cinema 4D more deeply and manage a complex project was a great experience for my personal growth. Sometimes it takes a big objective to overcome the difficulty of learning new programs.

Even more exciting, we are already working on a BIG Behind-the-Scenes video and tutorials around the work we did on this project and it’s massive. The transitions were a lot of fun and some parts simpler than they look!


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